Multi Colored Bar
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Jan 14

New Outdoor Rink!

Official news release for this exciting new facility added to the TLC!

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Sep 7

2018 Spruce Up

What the heck are they doing in there anyways?

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Aug 22

Fall into a Fitness Routine!

Fall is the perfect time to start a new healthy, active routine. We have some great suggestions!

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Aug 3

Summer Events Team Post #3

Summer events cruiser update #3!

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Jul 14

Cruiser Blog #2

What we are up to in the TLC Summer Events Cruiser!

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Jun 15

2017 Annual Report

Highlights and financial info from 2017.

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Jun 5

TLC Summer Events Cruiser

Behind the scenes - our TLC summer events team lets you in on their early days in the cruiser.

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May 22

Lesson FAQs

What Your Swimming Instructor Would Love For You to Know

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Feb 20

It’s February!

It may be time to reevaluate your goals or pat yourself on the back! Some tips from our wellness professionals for February.

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Jan 18

2017 - Looking Back

What an amazing year we had serving the Tri-Municipal Region as the one-stop-shop for recreation and leisure!

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Jan 30

In-Season Training

By: Dr. Jeff Cubos, TLC Strength and Conditioning Consultant

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Jan 3

Athlete Development Project

riACTICVE Athlete Profile: Name: Abigail Age: 11 Sport: Soccer Program: Athlete Development Camp

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Dec 20

Lean Mass Vs. Fat Loss

Personal Trainer Tannis Soderquist lets you in on some secrets as to why you are doing all the right things but may have not yet seen the scale move!

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Sep 27


What is Athlete Development and why should parents care?

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Sep 20

Countdown - 5 Days!

Tips on how to make your next TLC pool visit a better one - and what in the heck we have been doing over the past three weeks!

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Aug 26

Why I Love the Olympics

The good, the bad and the great about the Olympic games.

Jun 23

Why is Sleep so Important?

Getting enough sleep can be hard in the summer months, but here’s why you should try extra hard to get enough zzzs even when the days are bright.

Apr 30

Moving Communities to Healthy Active Living

Learn about how choosing active transportation methods can benefit you and the environment!

Apr 7

Celebrate World Health Day!

Happy World Health Day from the TLC! Here’s how you can celebrate.

Mar 4

Workplace Wellness

If you find yourself struggling to think of ways to get moving around the office, consider these tips on how to boost your wellness in the workplace.

Mar 2

Learning for Life

In order to enjoy the confidence and comfort that comes along with physical literacy – that effortless navigation through life’s physical challenges and expectations—we need to always be learning and practicing.

Feb 1

5 Tips for a Healthier Heart

February is Heart Month, but you should be taking care of your cardiovascular health year-round.

Jan 4

4 Ways to Get Fit at Lunchtime

With school back in session and businesses running on their regular schedules, finding time to live an active lifestyle around a busy schedule seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Jan 1

New Memberships at the TLC

The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre has introduced two new membership options!

Oct 19

5 Immunity Boosting Foods for your Family

A healthy immune system begins with what you are putting into your body.

Aug 5

5 Good Morning Habits

Start the day off right with these productivity boosters.

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Jul 8

The Benefits of Swimming

Splashing around in the pool is a lot of fun, especially for the kiddos, but there are also some pretty amazing health benefits that make it the perfect way to stay active!

Jun 21

Embrace your Inner Yogi

Apart from being a great way to relax after a long day, the immediate and long-term health benefits of doing yoga regularly are impressive enough to turn anyone into a yogi.

Apr 15

Physical Literacy in the Pool

Help your kids have fun while learning!

Feb 11

TLC Recieves 5 New AED Machines to Save Lives

On February 7, the TLC was the fortunate recipient of 5 new Automatic External Defibrillator machines that will be housed in the facility as part of a government initiative to increase awareness and potentially save lives in places where communities gather.

Nov 7

Building Self-esteem through Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is a concept that has been around in the world of sports and athlete development for a while, but is quickly gaining ground with parents of the latest generation.