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Jun 6

Nutrition for Brain Health, Neuroprotection and Recovery.

June 2023 is Brain Health and Brain Injury Awareness Month. That is a big topic! A common type of concussion is repetitive sub-concussion injury from blasts to the head or body in sport, work or play.

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Mar 6

Happy Nutrition Month 2023

Dietitians have both the scientific knowledge and the counselling skills needed to deliver effective nutrition advice. 

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Dec 7

Vitamin A, Eh! 

Vitamin A has long been known for keeping skin healthy, maintaining bone growth and improving night vision.

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Jul 25

Behind-the-Scenes: Summer Camps

Our summer camps are a great choice for your kids this summer! But why? Kristen investigates what is going on behind-the-scenes!

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Jul 9

Behind-the-Scenes: Preschool

What makes our preschool program, TriActive Kids, different from the other regional programs? Answer: #1 Our Staff! Answer #2: Our active programming!

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Jul 3

Behind-The-Scenes: Ice Out

We get a lot of questions about why we take our ice out for a period each summer, and what we do during that time. Here are the answers from our in-house ice experts.

Jan 4

4 Ways to Get Fit at Lunchtime

With school back in session and businesses running on their regular schedules, finding time to live an active lifestyle around a busy schedule seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Aug 5

5 Good Morning Habits

Start the day off right with these productivity boosters.

Apr 15

Physical Literacy in the Pool

Help your kids have fun while learning!

Nov 7

Building Self-esteem through Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is a concept that has been around in the world of sports and athlete development for a while, but is quickly gaining ground with parents of the latest generation.