Registration Tips and FAQs

Get Ready for Fall Program Registration!

We want you to be able to register for our programs with the least amount of headache. On registration days, our staff are dealing with a high volume of customers - let’s get you ready with some answers to Frequently Asked Questions which will help you avoid any technical delays:

#1 - Why should I verify my TLC account early?

We highly recommend you make sure your TLC account is complete and fully functional BEFORE registration day to avoid any technical issues that cause a delay in registration. You may have duplicate accounts, multiple email addresses attached to your family, or some of your children may not be correctly linked to your family account. 

#2 How do I add new family members to my TLC account? 

Please contact our front desk team to properly add family members to your account. It is essential to do this BEFORE registration day (when our front desk team will be busy dealing with the high volume of requests and registrations).  

#3 Can’t I just make a new account?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you cannot create an account online using the same email address as an existing account.  If you create a new account online using an alternative email address, you will not be able to add members or register them for courses.  Please call our front desk team BEFORE registration day if you are having trouble accessing your online TLC account.

#4 How will I know what swimming level to register my child in? 

Ideally your child’s current instructor will provide you with their recommendation during the last few lessons in the session.  Alternatively, we offer complimentary swim assessments which can take place during public swimming. One of our trained aquatic staff will take a few minutes to assess your child and recommend what swim lesson they should register for. 

#5 - If the program you want is full, should I join the Waitlist?

We have Waitlists available for all courses and using them can pay off!  If a place becomes available in the course on which you’re waitlisted, or if demand is sufficient and space/instructors are available, additional courses may be added – in both situations we will contact you directly to offer you a place, so make sure we have your correct phone number on account. Waitlisting can be done online or by calling our front desk team.

#6 What is a Wellness Program Pass?

If you take part in registered courses and use professional services at the TLC, but don’t really use our other facilities like the gym or the pool, then the TLC Wellness Pass might be right for you. This pass provides you with early registration and member pricing for programs and services!