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We value both our people and our work environment. We continually strive to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers. The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre prides itself on attracting and retaining top professionals in the fields of sport, recreation, wellness and facility management. The following is a list of leaders within our organization and a brief description of their areas of responsibility.


Lenny Richer

General Manager


Jenine Armstrong

Aquatics Supervisor

Lyndsey Ostopchuk

Customer Experience Supervisor

Jennifer Telfer

Wellness Supervisor

Kathy Sadek

Finance Supervisor

Harvey Struss

Supervisor of Operations and Maintenance


Candace Westeroth

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Denise Nickerson

Customer Experience Coordinator - Programs & Services

Donna McKean

Aquatics Program Coordinator

Katrina Klein

Customer Experience Coordinator - Facility Bookings

Michelle Osinchuk

Aquatic Operations Coordinator

Tanya Ironside

Wellness Program Coordinator

Tara Gadica

Customer Experience Coordinator - Guest Services

Samantha Kuzio

Children and Youth Program Coordinator

Kate Wood

Human Resources Coordinator

Preschool Facilitators & Instructors


Preschool Instructor


Preschool Facilitator


Preschool Facilitator

Laura M.

Preschool Instructor

Jennifer B

Preschool Facilitator

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