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Booking sessions with a Personal Trainer provides you with guidance as you make the decision to be healthier and more active. A Trainer can help reduce the risk of injury, provide motivation, prescribe individualized training made just for you, and introduce you to creative and fun new ways to exercise.

Did you know that some of our professional wellness services can be covered by your insurance plan? Check with your insurer to see what they cover!

Wellness Professionals

Marion Fisher

Marion Fisher

Personal Trainer

Chyanna Seibel

Chyanna Seibel

Personal Trainer

Cheryl Nickurak

Cheryl Nickurak

Registered Dietitian

Nutrition Counselling and Personal Training Services are more important than ever to support your healthy living goals.

How to get started on your wellness journey at the TLC!

STEP 1: Choose a TLC Personal Trainer that best fits your goals

Check out Trainer bios online to see our staff’s wide variety of skills and education. Contact us at or
780-960-5080 if you have any questions.

STEP 2: Contact a Personal Trainer

Once you know which Trainer you would like to work with, you will use
the contact information listed on the website to confirm the availability
and to set up an initial consultation and/or additional sessions.

STEP 3: Purchase Session(s) and Start on Your Wellness Journey

During the first session, you will complete the required paperwork, discuss, and set goals, and you may perform baseline fitness assessments so that your Trainer can best plan the next steps. Payment for the scheduled session(s) will be required at this time.

If you have a specific medical condition or chronic disease, you may be referred to our Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP), who is trained to assess and oversee exercise programs for those with diagnosed medical conditions. The CEP will provide more information on those packages and prices.


Consultation/Single Session:
$60 members/$70 non-members

Consultation AND Single Session:
$115 members/$135 non-members

3 Individual Sessions:
$165 members/$195 non-members

5 Individual Sessions:
$260 members/$310 non-members

9 Individual Sessions:
$450 members/$540 non-members

12 Individual Sessions:
$600 members/$720 non-members


We can train up to four friends or family members in a small group setting.

Consultation/Single Session (price per person):
$45 members/$50 non-members

3 Sessions (price per person):
$120 members/$135 non-members

5 Sessions (price per person):
$200 members/$225 non-members

9 Sessions (price per person):
$315 members/$360 non-members

12 Sessions (price per person):
$384 members/$456 non-members

Support your nutrition goals with the TLC’s experienced Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD):

Take CARE of your nutrition health with the Registered Dietitian. You may have questions or want guidance and support around medical diagnoses, disease prevention or support for your activity. Perhaps you don’t know what you want or need nutrition-wise, and now want to book a personal assessment or request a nutrition health blueprint to determine the possibilities! The CARE packages are designed to be flexible to your needs.

C) Connect 

One 60-minute initial consultation and assessment one-on-one with the RD to consider your current food habits, lifestyle, activity/sport, personal nutrition goals, your medical history and current conditions, medications and supplements, height, weight, waist circumference and nutrient needs. This may reveal a few nutrition goals, OR use this time to ask the dietitian to help clear and sort your many nutrition questions.

For additional follow up support time, see ‘Refine’.

$160 members/$190 non-members (price per person)

A) Adapt

One 60-minute initial consultation and assessment one-on-one with the RD to review your current food habits, lifestyle, activity/sport, personal nutrition goals, your medical history and current conditions, medications and supplements, height, weight, waist circumference and nutrient needs. Affirm and focus on a few nutrition goals to work on.

And one 30-minute follow-up session to assess, support and celebrate and adapt new changes OR this time for RD to prepare a one-day basic sample meal plan.

$240 members/$285 non-members (price per person)

R) Refine

One 30-minute session. This is a follow-up session only after a C or A session is booked OR for a small group of 2 to 4 people. Designed to effectively guide your desired goals, support and re-evaluate relevant changes and help enhance confidence and accountability with healthy nutrition habits. This can also be the time to ask and refine a topic not discussed in the initial consultation that rose after changing to a new way of eating.

$80 members/$95 non-members (price per person)

E) Enhance

This is a total of 180 minutes that can be split up how best suits your life. For example, you may want one 60 minute session and four 30 minute sessions, three 60 minute sessions, or two 90 minute sessions. These sessions can start with a thorough initial assessment as in Connect and Adapt, then provide guided adjustments to eating patterns, that may benefit your physical,mental and metabolic health. Support is provided for meal planning,label reading, food allergies, plant-based patterns and family health and conditions such as diabetes, heart and vessel, digestive and kidney health. This time can enhance and establish confidence with tangible habit change.

$435 members/$520 non-members 

Medical Condition Packages

Marion Fisher
Certified Exercise Physiologist | 587-990-3555

In cooperation with your health care provider, the Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP) will offer training programs to individuals with special medical conditions. The CEP trains individuals with special medical conditions to oversee the analysis, improvement, and maintenance of health and fitness. Individuals advised by a doctor to see a Kinesiologist or Physiologist before exercising will benefit from seeing a CEP, as would people with medical conditions such as:

  • Cardiac (heart) disease
  • Bone or joint issues
  • Chronic Disease
  • Post Physiotherapy
  • Physical disabilities

The CEP will administer functional testing to determine overall health and develop individualized exercise prescriptions to increase physical fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility to improve daily living.

If you are interest in this service, please purchase a consultation with our CEP at the Customer Experience Desk. You will be given paperwork that needs to be filled out by your doctor prior to your scheduled consultation. Your consultation time and date can be scheduled by contacting the CEP directly.

During this consultation the CEP will discuss with you your medical condition, goals and desired outcomes from an exercise plan and any other barriers that you feel may be in the way of exercise. Using info provided on the referral from your doctor, the CEP will recommend which package should be purchased from here and what the next steps will be.

Initial Consultation:   $60 members/$70 non-members

Assessment Package: $80 members/$95 non-members  (Individual assessment, testing and basic physical conditioning program with CEP. To have more of a specific program created, more sessions must be purchased).

Ongoing Individual CEP Sessions:   Single—$80 members/$95 non-members,  4 pack—$280 members/$350 non-members,

Extensive Package:   $420 members/$525 non-members   (Assessment and set up of physical conditioning program for an individual with five instructed sessions. The Exercise Physiologist will supervise, review and/or upgrade the exercise program).

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