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Welcome to the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre!


TLC Passes Daily Rate Multi-Visit Pass (10)
Adult (18+) $10.75  $96.70
Seniors (60-79)* $7.50 $67.50
Youth (13-17) $7.50 $67.50
Child (2-12) $5.25 $47.20
Tots (under 2) FREE FREE 
Family** $26.00 $234.00 

 *Guests 80 years and older receive a free Golden TLC Membership
**Up to two adults and three children/youth.

At the TLC, we promote healthy, active living for the whole family. As a community sport, recreation and wellness centre, it’s our job to provide guests with the right environment and tools they need to get fit and healthy.  Beyond the fitness equipment and wellness facilities we provide, we’re passionate about our entire community accessing a triACTIVE lifestyle.

While regular physical activity has many external benefits, being healthy is about so much more than the physical act of exercising. At the TLC, overall wellness extends to include the emotional, social and intellectual benefits that moving your body brings. Our guests and their families are able to enjoy our dynamic facilities and access to a safe and fun environment each and every day. 

Included with your Admission, Pass or Membership:  (Click here to view Membership options and fees)
Regular Special Events, and multiple opportunities to be a spectator at tournaments and competitions in the facility:
  • Toonie Swims happen once a month! Non-Members can come and swim for only $2!
  • FREE Seniors Days (live music, socializing and dancing) happen on the first Wednesday of every month.
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What is the triActive Rewards Program?
All patrons of the TLC are eligible to participate in our loyalty points program called triACTIVE Rewards!
Enrolment in the program is not automatic, patrons must request enrollment in person at the Customer Experience Desk. 
Each member of a family may sign up individually. 
What products and services are eligible to earn triACTIVE Reward points? 
TLC Admission Passes (10 visit, 1 & 3 month)
TLC Memberships (pre authorized and annual)
TLC Registered Programs (value of $20 and over)
TLC Professional Services

How will points be assigned to participants?
All purchases of the above programs and services by an individual who has opted to join the loyalty points program will automatically accumulate triACTIVE Rewards points.

Is there any other way to collect triACTIVE rewards?
We will occasionally offer Special Promotions and unique Offers. 

Can family members share points?
Points will be awarded on a per person basis but points may be transferred from one individual to another at any time.

How can points be redeemed for rewards?
Customers wishing to redeem their accumulated points for rewards must do so in person at the front desk.  

What rewards are available?
Currently, triACTIVE points can be redeemed for TLC Water Bottles, TLC T-Shirts, and TLC Gift Cards of various values.  In the future we may offer direct discounts on the purchase of future programs and services with the redemption of points (similar to using Airmiles to partially pay for a purchase).

Can points be transferred to other reward members?
Yes, a triACTIVE Rewards participant can transfer their existing points to another participant of the program.  Requests can be made at the front desk.