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Aug 26

Why I Love the Olympics

The good, the bad and the great about the Olympic games.

Jan 1

New Memberships at the TLC

The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre has introduced two new membership options!

Apr 7

Celebrate World Health Day!

Happy World Health Day from the TLC! Here’s how you can celebrate.

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Jul 1

COVID FAQ (Re-open info)

You have questions! We have answers here!

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Dec 20

Lean Mass Vs. Fat Loss

Personal Trainer Tannis Soderquist lets you in on some secrets as to why you are doing all the right things but may have not yet seen the scale move!

Aug 5

5 Good Morning Habits

Start the day off right with these productivity boosters.

Jun 23

Why is Sleep so Important?

Getting enough sleep can be hard in the summer months, but here’s why you should try extra hard to get enough zzzs even when the days are bright.

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Sep 20

Countdown - 5 Days!

Tips on how to make your next TLC pool visit a better one - and what in the heck we have been doing over the past three weeks!

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Sep 17

COVID-19 Update

New measures starting Sep 20

Apr 30

Moving Communities to Healthy Active Living

Learn about how choosing active transportation methods can benefit you and the environment!