Aug 5

5 Good Morning Habits

Start the day off right with these productivity boosters.

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Jul 8

The Benefits of Swimming

Splashing around in the pool is a lot of fun, especially for the kiddos, but there are also some pretty amazing health benefits that make it the perfect way to stay active!

Jun 21

Embrace your Inner Yogi

Apart from being a great way to relax after a long day, the immediate and long-term health benefits of doing yoga regularly are impressive enough to turn anyone into a yogi.

Apr 15

Physical Literacy in the Pool

Help your kids have fun while learning!

Jan 4

4 Ways to Get Fit at Lunchtime

With school back in session and businesses running on their regular schedules, finding time to live an active lifestyle around a busy schedule seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Nov 7

Building Self-esteem through Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is a concept that has been around in the world of sports and athlete development for a while, but is quickly gaining ground with parents of the latest generation.

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Jul 3

Behind-The-Scenes: Ice Out

We get a lot of questions about why we take our ice out for a period each summer, and what we do during that time. Here are the answers from our in-house ice experts.

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Jul 9

Behind-the-Scenes: Preschool

What makes our preschool program, TriActive Kids, different from the other regional programs? Answer: #1 Our Staff! Answer #2: Our active programming!

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Jul 25

Behind-the-Scenes: Summer Camps

Our summer camps are a great choice for your kids this summer! But why? Kristen investigates what is going on behind-the-scenes!

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Dec 7

New Look for Swim Lessons in 2023

The TransAlta Tri Leisure’s Swim Lessons will have a whole new look! The TLC will be transitioning from Red Cross "Swim Kids" to the Lifesaving Society’s "Swim for Life" learn to swim and lifesaving programs.