Multi Colored Bar
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Jan 14

New Outdoor Rink!

Official news release for this exciting new facility added to the TLC!

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Sep 7

2018 Spruce Up

What the heck are they doing in there anyways?

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Aug 22

Fall into a Fitness Routine!

Fall is the perfect time to start a new healthy, active routine. We have some great suggestions!

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Aug 3

Summer Events Team Post #3

Summer events cruiser update #3!

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Jul 14

Cruiser Blog #2

What we are up to in the TLC Summer Events Cruiser!

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Jun 15

2017 Annual Report

Highlights and financial info from 2017.

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Jun 5

TLC Summer Events Cruiser

Behind the scenes - our TLC summer events team lets you in on their early days in the cruiser.

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May 22

Lesson FAQs

What Your Swimming Instructor Would Love For You to Know

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Feb 20

It’s February!

It may be time to reevaluate your goals or pat yourself on the back! Some tips from our wellness professionals for February.

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Jan 18

2017 - Looking Back

What an amazing year we had serving the Tri-Municipal Region as the one-stop-shop for recreation and leisure!