Leisure Pool Closure

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Leisure Pool remains closed. Experts have now confirmed that there is a leak in one of the main lines connected to the Leisure Pool.  As the pool’s infrastructure is under concrete, it has taken longer than anticipated to determine the exact location of the leak. 

We continue to work with external experts in this field to confirm the severity of the leak and develop a plan and timeline for repairs.

We have made the difficult decision to cancel the following swim lessons set for November:

  • Starfish
  • Duck
  • Sea Turtle (Parented)
  • Sea Turtle (Non-Parented)
  • Sea Otter
  • Salamander
  • Sunfish
  • Crocodile
  • Whale
  • Swim Kids 1
  • Swim Kids 2
  • Swim Kids 3
  • Adapted Preschool
  • Adapted Swim Kids Beginner
  • Private Lessons (up to and including Swim Kids 3)

FAQ’s: Below you will find thorough answers to the most common questions you might have - please take a look!

We appreciate your patience on this matter and hope to have more information to share soon. 

Leisure Pool Closure FAQs

What will happen to the report card I handed in?

All report cards that were handed in will be available for pick up at our Front Desk after October 31, 2022.

Are all Swim Lessons that started in November cancelled?

No: The Leisure Pool closure does not affect Swim Lessons that use the Main Pool. Swim Kids 4 and up, Certifications, JLC, Youth and Adult Swim Programs and Main Pool rentals are still running.

Will there be any make-up classes for the missed lessons?

No, unfortunately without the Leisure Pool available this is not possible.

Because my September start Swim Lessons were cancelled – will you automatically register my child in the same level for the next session, or will I get priority registration?

This is such a difficult decision for our team. Everyone at the TLC understands how hard it is to get your child or children into swim lessons. It would be an understatement to say this pool closure and lesson cancellations are incredibly frustrating.

Our Swim Lesson schedule varies widely from session to session, and it would be a huge (and almost impossible!) task to match families with the swim lesson time that works best for them. Unfortunately, our system cannot prioritize individual registrants for any future sessions.

Please register your child for the next session of Swim Lessons (December 13 for Members and December 15 for Non-Members) as you usually would.

I purchased a Wellness Pass for my child on August 31 to get early registration and member pricing - what will happen with it?

We will not be providing refunds for Wellness Passes, but we will be extending the end date of any that were purchased for the Fall 2022 registration session by 3.5 months so that you will get a full year of usage from that Wellness Pass.

Can I register my child in a November Swim Lesson? They are not showing up online.

No, Swim Kids 3 and below Swim Lessons that were scheduled to run in the Leisure Pool starting in November are cancelled.

Will I receive a credit for the cancelled lessons?

Swim lessons that started in September will automatically receive a TLC account credit for the number of classes that we were not able to provide.

Swim lessons scheduled to start in November will automatically receive a TLC account credit for the entire cancelled course (all classes).

TLC account credits never expire and may be used for all programs and services.

Will I be able to use my TLC account credit online?

Yes – if your family’s account is correctly set up, you will be able to see and use your credit online.

If you register online for TLC programs and see a credit on your account, please apply your credit before checking out of your basket with your preferred payment method.

Please call us at 780-960-5080 (press 0) before registration day so that we can confirm your online account password is functioning properly and that your family account is correctly set up.

When will the Winter swim lesson schedule be released and when can I register?

The Winter (January 2023) schedule will be available by the beginning of December. Registration for the Winter session will be December 13 for Members and December 15 for Non-Members – 9:00 AM online, over the phone or in person.

It is vital you ensure your account is set up correctly with all participants BEFORE registration day – we can help you with this at our front desk or via email. 

I have a TLC membership and mostly use the Leisure Pool - can I put it on hold?

Yes - please contact our front desk team via memberships@trileisure.com or in person - we’ll be glad to provide some options for you.