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Heidi Paul

Personal Trainer

Meet Heidi

Variety and fun in physical activity is what keeps us active throughout life.  

Heidi is passionate about working with people just beginning their fitness journey or with those of us starting again after a break or surgery through building new skills and gaining confidence.

Heidi has been working in the field of aquatics for the past 25 years, has a degree in Physical Education, and is certified as a personal trainer through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.  “I am passionate about aquatics being a perfect environment for those people just starting or starting out again and looking to be more active that may have special needs, such as pre and post hip and knee surgery strengthening, back injuries, or anyone that their doctor has told to “get in the pool” to work on strengthening and increasing flexibility." From stroke improvement and water workouts to strength training 101, cross country ski lessons, or training for a specific goal, she can help!

What do you want to learn next? 


To provide a well rounded program designed to compliment your interests.


  • BA in Physical Education and Recreation Administration, U of A
  • Certified Personal Trainer (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology)
  • CANSI / Cross Country Ski Instructor lvl 1 and 2-time Berkebeiner 55 km race competitor
  • NCCP Coaching Theory Level 1, 2
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

Specialty Services

  • Aquatic instruction and personally designed aquatic fitness programs for all people, including specially designed modified programs for persons with special needs
  • Sport-specific program design packages
  • Weight training instruction
  • Programs designed for police and fire fighters to help pass the entrance exams
  • Full fitness assessment available to let you know how your current level of fitness compares to others in your age group
  • Weight loss programs for adults as well as youth