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What age does my child have to be to swim alone?

Your child will need to be 10 years of age to swim without a guardian. 

If your child is under 10, they will need to have a guardian 14 years of age or older to supervise them. If they are 7 years or under, the parent/guardian has to be in the water with them, no further than arm’s reach away.

Do I need to be in the pool with my 7-year-old?

Children 6 and under need to have a parent or guardian (14+) in the pool with them, no further than arm’s reach away. Children 8-9 years of age need a parent or guardian 14+ actively supervising them at all times.

Can I take my stroller through the change rooms?

No, you can park it in the hallway at the stroller parking section or in the dry seating area and proceed to the change room with your infant.

Can I swim in the pool after my lesson or use the hot tub?

Yes, if you have purchased a wristband and the pool is not closed for other lessons.

My child took swim lessons through the school at the TLC - do you have record of that?

No, we do not keep any records of the Swim @ School program. You could contact the school or come in and have your child assessed by one of our lifeguards during public swim to find out what level they would need to register in.

Can I rent skates/helmets?

Yes! Our new skate sharpening kiosk, Parkland Skate Services is open and you can check out their hours of operation here (link).

If I rented the ice, can I plug my iPod in to play music?

Yes, we have two auxiliary cords available at the Customer Experience Representatives desk. 

It’s cold in the arena stands – can you turn the heaters on please?

They are on timers on the wall and on the pillars in the arena viewing area. You can just turn them on and they will turn off automatically.

It’s dark on the field – can you turn the lights on please?

Yes. Please ask us at the front desk for all of your arena or soccer needs and we can help you!

If no one is using the ice can I skate on it?

If there are no bookings and no ice maintenance is scheduled, you can purchase a wristband and ask our front desk staff to confirm that it is okay to use.

Can I wear my skates with their guards on to get a Booster Juice?

No, you must take off your skates when not on the back arena floor or ice.

Can my soccer team please have the curtain on the field raised or put down?

Yes, we can help you with that!

If a player is injured on the field/ice how do we access the room to conduct first aid on the player?

Only staff members have access to the first aid room, so you can contact a staff member to help.

Can my eight-year-old run on the track with me?

Yes, as long as they are being supervised and have a wristband.

Can I take my stroller on the track?

Yes, they are allowed on the track. Please make sure the wheels are clean and dry. Please park strollers outside of the field entrances, not on the fields.

Can I drop in to a registered class?

Yes. The fee for a member is $13.00 and for a non-member $17.00. This fee does not give you access to the facility before or after your class.

How do I get a spin bike moved so that I can watch my son practice on the south arena?

Please ask a Wellness Rep (located in the Fitness Centre) for help with moving equipment.

Can I post my Garage Sale flyer on your bulletin boards?

We only accept posters for non-profit programs and events that happen in the Tri-Municipal Region.

How do I volunteer at the TLC?

Check out our Volunteer section.

Can you hold on to my motorbike helmet for me while I work out?

Sure! We can keep it for you behind the front desk.

Can you page someone to the front desk for me?

Unfortunately we can only use our paging system for emergencies.

I’ve purchased a wristband can I come back later and use the facility?

Yes, you can leave your wristband on (we will exchange for appropriate colour if necessary) or we will accept (receipt) proof of payment.

triACTIVE Rewards Program

Who is eligible?

All patrons of the TLC are eligible to participate in our loyalty points program called triACTIVE Rewards!

Enrolment in the program is not automatic, patrons must request enrollment in person at the Customer Experience Desk. 

Each member of a family may sign up individually. 

What products and services are eligible to earn TriACTIVE Reward points?
  • TLC Admission Passes (10 visit, 1 & 3 month)
  • TLC Memberships (pre authorized and annual)
  • TLC Registered Programs (value of $20 and over)
  • TLC Professional Services
How will points be assigned to participants?

All purchases of the above programs and services by an individual who has opted to join the loyalty points program will automatically accumulate triACTIVE Rewards points.

Is there any other way to collect TriACTIVE rewards?

We will occasionaly offer Special Promotions and unique Offers. 

Can family members share points?

Points will be awarded on a per person basis but points may be transferred from one individual to another at any time.

How can points be redeemed for rewards?

Customers wishing to redeem their accumulated points for rewards must do so in person at the front desk.  

What rewards are available?

Currently, points can be redeemed for TLC Water Bottles, TLC T-Shirts, and TLC Gift Cards of various values.  In the future we may offer direct discounts on the purchase of future programs and services with the redemption of points (similar to using Airmiles to partially pay for a purchase).

Can points be transferred to other reward members or to a non-profit?

Yes, a TriACTIVE Rewards participant can transfer their existing points to another participant of the program.  This request must be made at the front desk.

Online Fitness

What about my membership fee?

The day we closed all membership accounts were paused and January payments were not processed. When we re-open, members will receive the days they did not receive in December before any further payments are processed. Due to our computer system, we are unable to "un-pause" certain accounts and not others, so if you’d like to participate in these online classes, a separate registration and fee will be required.

What will you be offering online?
We had a great response to our first foray into Zoom classes and lots of interest in having our innovative and dynamic TLC instructors continue teaching their classes, albeit in a slightly different manner.
"Drop-in" classes – one price, access to all classes! Attend one or many. And now, you can request your class recording if you missed the scheduled time. Check out our drop-in schedule below and email fitness@trileisure.com to register and request small equipment to level up your workout (see info below).
Registered programs – due to scheduling with other classes, space and cleaning demands, we will be offering a limited number of the previously planned classes from our winter/spring 2021 program guide. If during the session we are again allowed to transition to in-person classes, both online and in-person options will be available.
How can I sign up?

Registration is open NOW by emailing fitness@trileisure.com 

What equipment is required?
It is totally up to you if you want to up-level your workout with one of our FREE equipment (included with the cost of your registration). Email for details and pick-up times! Email fitness@trileisure.com 
Do I have to turn on my video/webcam to participate?

The instructors would love to see you, but you don’t have to turn on your webcam if you don’t want to! Sharing your video allows them to check that participants understand instructions and are doing the correct movements without needing further info or modifications, but it is totally up to you!

What if I have no idea what to do with this Zoom stuff?
We are happy to walk you through the steps required to participate! All you need is a device that is connected to the Internet and we can get you set up from there.
We can’t wait to “see” you. Although not quite the start to the year that we had hoped, we are so happy to still be able to offer our programs to our members and residents of this amazing community. We can do this!

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